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Story of Painting Nicky

A body of work inspired by performance. I was so moved by this piece. It was like a full length movie in 11 minutes. All about the the tragedy and  dark comedy of the creative process. The choreographer, Myron Johnson was inspired by the life of Lee Miller... "Twenties fashion model who became a Surrealist and later the only female combat photographer in Europe during the war, she documented the liberation of Dachau and Buchenwald concentration camps. She later married the Surrealist artist Roland Penrose, but became an alcoholic, depressive and sometimes spitefully cruel mother..."

The Indestructible Lady Penrose
Choreography: Myron Johnson
Dancer: Nicky Coelho

Spring 2017


Photo by Bill Cameron


sketching my memories of the movement.




Myron studied with Marcel Marceau

He makes every gesture count.


Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was adding to the world by isolating these moments. Shelved the project for about a year. And then Sally Rousse asked me to contribute an art project as part of her immersive dance project at The Cowles Center. Where I originally watched this piece be performed. So, kind of perfect. I staged a tableau of my memory.  Now part of Sally's Icon Sam event.